Caribbean Based Trading Company

Here to facilitate trade and avoid the frustration of currency controls and international transfers Anguilla’s Caribbean Based Trading Company (CBTC) initiative is aimed at bringing that prosperity back to the region for the benefit of all trades and businesses who wish to look beyond their own shores.

Counsel Limited created and designed this business model and in 2017 the Government of Anguilla passed this model into legislation
(Trades, Businesses, Occupations and Professions Licensing Act amendment 2017).

Counsel is your perfect partner for setting up a CBTC.

Who should set up a CBTC?

  • Any organisation that does business within, from, or to the Caribbean.
  • Any organisation that suffers from currency control regulations or has problems sending international transfers.
  • Any organisation that trades between islands and has experienced problems importing or exporting services or products between the islands and the rest of the world.
  • Any organisation that has to make multiple payments or send multiple invoices outside their main island of operation.


Unique advantages of Anguilla and Counsel Ltd

  • Unlike nearly all Caribbean countries, we have no foreign exchange controls and international transfers are handled quickly and efficiently.
  • US$ business accounts can be operated.
  • We have no transaction levies.
  • The Government issues ‘Caribbean Based Trading Company’ Business Licences.
  • Counsel can arrange for companies to be Incorporated within one hour.
  • Counsel has a sound business model with numerous examples of success of this type of operation, going back many years.
  • We provide a significant depth of service and lots of added value if required.
  • We do not demand that there are any directors, shareholders or employees physically on island.
  • We believe in long-term relationships rather than the short-term nontrading company incorporation model.
  • We like to get to know our clients fully which reduces the risk of inappropriate activities.
    The Government of Anguilla fully and heartily endorses this initiative.

How Counsel will help you:

We will

  • Incorporate a local company (a Companies’ Ordinance Company (COC)).
  • Help you create a business plan for submission to the Government.
  • Apply for and receive a “Caribbean Based Trading Company” Business Licence from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Provide a Registered Office in Anguilla.
  • Open a bank account in Anguilla.
  • Help create the appropriate contractual relationship between the companies.
  • Help set up a ‘Caribbean Operations Centre’ in Anguilla.

We can also assist with accounting services, admiistration, contracts, directorships and banking and provide ongoing business support including invoicing, payments and supplier contracts.

What you need to supply to set up a CBTC:

  • Letters of reference.
  • Police certificate of good standing in your country of main company.
  • Bank references.
  • Statement of financial ability.
  • Other due-diligence information on request. They will:

How it works in practice:

A leading plumbing retailer based in Trinidad, buys products throughout the world from hundreds of manufacturers and sells them across the Caribbean. Its ‘Caribbean Based Trading Company’ in Anguilla organises all orders and payments without barriers. It also invoices customers and receives payments in US dollars.

A leading Caribbean fashion house, designs in St Martin, has fabric made in factories in Asia, manufactures dresses and bags back in St Martin and sells throughout the Caribbean… and benefits massively from having no exchange controls to worry about thanks to its Anguilla ‘Caribbean Based Trading Company’.

A large glass recycling operation, which experienced substantial growth, needed to buy raw glass products for its plant, from all across the Caribbean. This was a difficult and growth-restricting task before it created an Anguilla ‘Caribbean Based Trading Company’ to facilitate payments.


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