Our client list includes regional entrepreneurs and businesses like Digicel the Caribbean’s fastest growing telecommunications company, AXA Yacht Services, and West Indies Wear, as well as local Anguillian companies like Strawhat, Sandbar & Picante Restaurants and stylish local magazines Design Anguilla and True Anguilla.

Our international clients include Artex Captive and Corporate Financial Institutions such as Intertrust Group– based in Switzerland and Guardian General based in Trinidad.

 “Counsel Limited and its staff are driven and a customer service first firm.  They make things happen.”

Bacho Vega, Regulatory Manager, Artex Risk Solutions Inc 




“Straw Hat Restaurant will shortly celebrate its 20th birthday and Malcolm and Fiona, have worked with Anne and I for a substantial portion of that time. From our early days in the Forest, to our current incarnation on Meads Bay, our excellent service team and the personal relationship we have with our customers, has always been an integral part of our success, and is the essential ingredient of our relationship with Counsel too. They are a pleasure to work with. They do what they need to do, to allow us to get on with our business in the most effective way. And they do it with the same quality service and attention to detail that our team offer our clients and which helped us become one of Fodor’s”

“Top 10 recommended restaurants in the Caribbean.”

Anne & Peter Parles, Owners, Straw Hat Restaurant.

Photo of Straw Hat Restaurant by Susan Croft .

straw hat



“Fiona Curtis of Counsel Ltd has been a reliable business partner for Digicel and Caribbean Cable Communications for many years.  She is instrumental in providing support for routine tax, banking and regulatory  tasks.  Very importantly Fiona has been extremely helpful during Digicel’s acquisition of Caribbean Cable Communications and the subsequent integration of the two businesses.  She is very capable and highly organised professional”

Rochus Schreiber, Digicel Anguilla CEO, Anguilla

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“Fiona Curtis of Counsel Ltd not only made light work of the paper work but also held my hand through the set up of my local businesses – True Communications and True Anguilla Magazine AND, as a part of our ongoing relationship, provides independent and incredibly useful business consultancy. Counsel’s partnership with the lawyer Eustella Fontain (they share the same office space) has given me timely advice on employment law and taxation issues, which I have found incredibly useful.”




Our well-regulated and professional financial services industry ensures the jurisdiction attracts very little negative attention. Counsel has excellent relationships with all of the following

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