Captive & General Insurance

We work with some of the leading insurance managers, and managers of captives across the globe, providing a reliable, knowledgeable partner for their captives domiciled in Anguilla.
Counsel provides legislative guidance and keep you abreast of changes to Anguilla legislation, as well as being a liaison with Anguilla's FSC and ACORN (the commercial Registry).

What we do for you

Economic Substance
We have been providing economic substance for all our clients long before legislation even required it. We liaise with Anguilla's FSC and ACORN.
We ensure that all our clients are compliant with all applicable Anguilla legislation. We relay any newsworthy information including changes to, or new legislation.
Industry Knowledge
We have a deep knowledge of local policies, procedures, legislative norms that help you operate efficiently. Our general manager has ICCIE qualifications in Captive Insurance.